Happy weekend Happy weekend

I hope you can find sometime set-aside for yourself this weekend.

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6:12 AM

spring... spring...

thinking of spring... listening to C'Mon Billy P J Harvey

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6:20 AM

sisters sisters

drawings for PANI magazine

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9:37 AM

Fireplace in the bathroom Fireplace in the bathroom

I'm a follower of bathrooms with a fireplace. If my bathroom were big enough I would definitely install a fireplace to look at the soot...

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5:47 AM

the beginning the beginning

me, 2006 ;-)

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9:16 AM

Furniture in the bedroom Furniture in the bedroom

images from top Alberto Pinto, Kelly Wearstler and Barry Dixon.

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5:10 AM

The origin of the Decorator The origin of the Decorator

Did you know that, according to Interior design & decoration 6th ed., in Renaissance France (c.1500-1610) the profession of the Decorato...

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5:16 AM

Le Palais rhoul Le Palais rhoul

Dreaming of being in Hotel Le Palais rhoul in Marrakesh.

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6:38 AM

An unconventional beach house An unconventional beach house

Kelly Wearstler did it again. This time in a non-predictable beach house she designed for her family. "Ain't no boats sailing in ...

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7:04 AM

Have a warm weekend Have a warm weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy planning another project. I'll share the details with you later. I love the calmness ...

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6:35 AM

A beautiful weekend A beautiful weekend

I believe that what we look at on a day to day basis can affect our mood and health. Let's look at beautiful stuff. Julia Yenicag Paul...

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5:14 AM

Happy birthday Cutiepie Happy birthday Cutiepie

It feels like yesterday when our little one was born. I can't believe we are already celebrating his birthday. It's been such a pl...

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5:53 AM

A whimsical dining room A whimsical dining room

I would kill for a wall covering like this for the entrance of my home. Not too busy so your eyes have space to rest but with enough person...

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4:52 AM

My most recent project My most recent project

I wanted to share with you a few images of my most recent project. I finished it last week and had it professionally photographed by Robert ...

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5:03 AM