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Do what I want! next issue of ZWIERCIADŁO

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9:15 AM

summertime in the middle of the winter summertime in the middle of the winter

Seba - my husband Ewa - my sister

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8:48 AM

A crisp and modern home A crisp and modern home

The chic and elegant color scheme in this modern flat makes me imagine a modern Audrey Hepburn living in the 21st century. The use of black...

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5:00 AM

A Tale of a Distant Land A Tale of a Distant Land

Book made on the given topic: Palestine, Israel - two countries, two cultures,one peace. It was awarded with special mention in Book Project...

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8:39 AM

Reading Spaces Reading Spaces

All the unnecessary snow that have come upon us in the East Coast reminded me of these photos from my file and how I would like to cuddle up...

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5:15 AM

Our three happiest years Our three happiest years

It feels like yesterday when I married my soulmate. What wonderful years these have been. Living with such a considerate and thoughtful ma...

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6:02 PM

Looking forward to Spring Looking forward to Spring

To bike away in the City. I just hope I can pull it off like one of these three beautiful ladies above. all pictures from Riding Pretty

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5:29 AM

Now you see me now you don't: Lucite furniture in a room Now you see me now you don't: Lucite furniture in a room

Lucite or acrylic furniture can do great to any interior. Apart from lightening any room up due to its light visual weight it also reflects...

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5:58 AM

Flea Flea

Morning adventure of the Flea was made due to my fondness for drawing furry balls. Book made some years ago for competition  Berni,  see mor...

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11:27 AM

Zwierciadlo Zwierciadlo

Next issue with my illustrations. ZWIERCIADŁO (2/2010) 

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8:10 AM

Mediterranean Alert Mediterranean Alert

For a long, long time American Design has been influenced in great amount by the English, but lately I've been happily enjoying the grow...

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6:30 AM

circus circus

I made this book some years ago, full of colours...

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7:27 AM