colours: blue colours: blue

Your favourite colours, second place: BLUE. Beautiful blue. Calm blue. Gentle blue. Like sky, sea, denim, the bottle full of fresh water, be...

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8:14 AM

colours: red colours: red

I asked you what your favourite colour is some time ago. I wasn't surprised that red was one of the most indicated :-) In our competioti...

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3:06 AM

let's start let's start

As I promised. Today is the first day of Oh Kavka shop . Because of possibility of only 25 items you can meet some bunnies, funny brooch or ...

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10:27 AM

and the winner is... and the winner is...

Dear naomemandeflores send me your address, please. I hope you'll like Edek :-D --------------------------------------------------- Dea...

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1:49 AM

I must share with you! I must share with you!

I know, I promised to show you some pics from India but I've just recived it! / Wiem, miałam pokazać kilka zdjeć z Indii, ale właśnie ot...

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6:29 AM

I'm home :-))) I'm home :-)))

I'm back home from India. Very tired but very happy. Now I must face up with reality, sleep a little and later I'll show you some pi...

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10:45 AM

... ...

Dear friends. I'm so sad because of what has happend in Japan. I can't stop thinking about this terrible tragedy. I have so many vis...

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1:46 AM

kavka giveaway kavka giveaway

I must leave you for a while, but you'll stay with Edek, this little bunny. He can be with one of you soon, what you have to do is: 1. l...

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5:46 AM

good start good start

Good breakfast is the main meal for me. It gives energy for all long day. I love to celebrate this time eating slowly and reading or just th...

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3:00 AM

feel in green today feel in green today

I'm happy, and see everything in  green... --------------------------------------------------- And how you feel today – hope fine like m...

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9:00 AM

big dreams big dreams

1. Tea with Dalai Lama / herbatka z Dalai Lamą 2. A visit in Bhutan , not so easy to go there / wizyta w Bhutanie, nie jest to ani łatwe, ...

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2:18 AM