remember :-) remember :-)

about giveaway , tomorrow the last day, good luck! I'm going to all my today's meetings now :-)/ pamiętajcie o * jutro ostatni dzie...

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12:50 AM

the best inspiration the best inspiration

Nature. Everybody has better and not so good days. When I'm a little tense, when my imaginations dosn't work well and I fill that I ...

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2:29 AM

what makes us happy (5) what makes us happy (5)

...ordinary things are soooo beautiful / ...zwykłe rzeczy są takie piękne crafts / robótki ręczne my work / moja praca love (on the photo: m...

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4:15 AM

kavka giveaway kavka giveaway

It's high time for new summer giveaway. Today one person could win my illustration. It's original artwork and one of my illuustratio...

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6:03 AM

let's cook with kavka let's cook with kavka

I love food. Yes I know it's very, very bad for my figure but I'm not able to stop reading, thinking, dreaming about food and simply...

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12:45 PM

heroes of the day and book for the weekend :-) heroes of the day and book for the weekend :-)

today's heros: Paproszek & Fika, cat & dog, white & black,  philosophical   nature & element of joy but their love is BI...

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3:48 AM

white leaping rabbit lives here white leaping rabbit lives here

one white rabbit, one white room plus small bathroom, small kitchen, no tv set and big sense of humour, everything on 38m2, do you need some...

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12:25 PM