afternoon afternoon
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3:18 AM

Stripes= classic Stripes= classic

For many reasons my obsession for stripes, I could say, is strong but perhaps the main reason is that stripes could be timeless like seen in...

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8:16 AM

new old dress new old dress

My new old dress, my mother used to wear it 25-30 years ago and now it's mine.  She was so slim, tall and beautiful with her long, natur...

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4:29 AM

pamiętacie? pamiętacie?

Pamiętacie Serię z Wiewiórką wydawaną przez Krajową Agencję Wydawniczą? Bardzo ja lubiłam, mały format, super wiewióra, okładki projektował...

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1:42 AM

Camilla "La Belle" Camilla "La Belle"

Every time I see a photo of Camille Belle I can't help but notice the striking resemblance to Liz Taylor and Catherine Z Jones in her st...

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9:55 AM

* *
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12:40 PM

grey grey

summertime, but where's the sun? *  I've just found this wonderful blog of kupkupland , check it!!! have a great weekend

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2:08 PM

red friday red friday

i'm in a bad mood today,  my father's in hospital, we'll see what happen...

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1:11 AM

book for the weekend 7 book for the weekend 7

next book of Zamecznik, as you remember I showed one of his book last time  * great, great art blog of aleksandra niepsuj here

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11:07 AM

polish interiors part2 polish interiors part2

I spent some days in my parents' home, but now I'm back. I really missed you, it's good to be here again :-) Today n ext great, ...

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8:42 AM

Love Chandeliers in the bedroom Love Chandeliers in the bedroom


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5:40 AM

Emma Jane Pilkington Pied-a-terre Emma Jane Pilkington Pied-a-terre

Good Morning I hope you had a wonderful father's day. Thank you for your patience while I took much needed time off to rest and spend ...

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9:30 AM

polish interiors part1 polish interiors part1

I 'd like to start with the new subject: POLISH INTERIORS. Today very modern, fresh and funny apartment in the old tenement house. For m...

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9:40 AM