mania mania

I'm back after some days spending with my parents... Did I tell you that Mania left us. Yes, after 2 years living in our house she prefe...

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11:45 PM

difficult love difficult love
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11:18 AM

emma with her family live here emma with her family live here

I saw this beautiful house in Milk Deco two years ago. I completely felt in love with it. I tried to find out as much as possible about its ...

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11:55 AM

in my kitchen in my kitchen

 my kitchen – full of light in the morning, I love wake up very early, sit with cup of tea and read here... something interesting for yours ...

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10:55 AM

book for the weekend (9) book for the weekend (9)

Today a folk tale from Łowicz, cute don't you think? and in additional one of my early "masterpiece" from 1987. As you see I w...

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6:14 AM

ice please ice please

it's so hot! i'm dreaming about cold summer rain or being a polar bear :-D cute bear to wear on your shoulder - see here  and here

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6:04 AM

give me a hand give me a hand
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3:21 PM

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

 Mandarin Oriental Barcelona , the Mandarin Oriental’s first luxury hotel in Southern Europe located in the chic and central boulevard of P...

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5:45 AM