For a long, long time American Design has been influenced in great amount by the English, but lately I've been happily enjoying the growing influence of French design and architecture. From a stunning historical Houston, Texas house that has been transformed into a breathtaking French Chateau look-a-like (see the article in House Beautiful "Blue as a Titian." If I hadn't read the article I would've sworn this house was a remodeled chateau in the southern France)-to more sleek interpretations of pied-à-terres in the City. This sophisticated influence distends itself from the more Provencal style with an a-la-Jacques-Grange approach. In this month's Elle Decor issue the house of Interior Designer Paula Caravelli also frames a very French continental influence. Below are a few images that evoke what we all love so much, the immaculate perfect style of everything French.
Above a shot of Designer Paula Caravelli's house (note in March Elle Decor's issue another settee and table are used with no rug)
A very beautiful image of the entrance of Aerin Lauder's apartment in New York, City designed by Jacques Grange. I love how the French have been hanging tapestry on the walls for centuries- a tendency that started more in an effort to preserve them than to showcase them. Here in this modern interpretation the high lacquer parson table does the trick.
Above, in the living room, a very Jacques Grange style uses sculptural furniture pieces in neutral tones.
The paneling in this Manhattan library/dining room could be easily mistaken for a library in a Paris apartment. Designed by Miles Redd.