question for today question for today

fun, smile, red, pain, tears, future, marriage ................................................... .   .   . what you think?

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3:28 PM

today's promise today's promise

Did you miss me [;-)]? I had so many things to do... but it's done now. I'm going to be here every day, I promise. And special motiv...

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11:37 AM

what makes me happy (today) what makes me happy (today)

I finally finished big, commercial project! It took me the last 2 months, but it's over now!!! I had enough time to drink (very slowly) ...

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3:39 AM

and the winner is... and the winner is...

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Send me your address, please :-) Thank you for your participation soooo much!!! ---------...

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3:34 AM

help me with my new book project :-) help me with my new book project :-)

Hello, I'd like to share with you my new idea. I'm working on my own book project What makes us happy . Of course, I know what makes...

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2:57 AM

giveaway – request giveaway – request

Dear Friends, There were problems with blogger today and yesterday. Unfortuntely 3 of your comments (From:  ,  thYmkA  and  j...

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11:15 AM

very busy day... very busy day...

...but as you see, not for everybody (Mr. Koko has time for everything, he must be very good planner I guess, not like me:-) I'll be bac...

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5:40 AM

today's delivery :-) today's delivery :-)

From Japan. Beautiful masking tapes and this amazing edition of Casa Brutus , Selby is in my Place, I'm so happy I've got it!!! Eve...

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7:15 AM

white place white place

Walls – very light gray, natural, old floors, furniture in the majority of white, minimum of things. Peaceful place. Love it!  You can see &...

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2:20 AM

we want sun! we want sun!

--------------------------------------------------- New illustrations in my shop :-) Thank you all for taking part in my giveaway !  I'm...

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5:41 AM

kavka giveaway kavka giveaway

I love May! It's such a beautiful month and because of it I invite you to take part in my giveaway! It will be two persons who can win m...

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10:06 AM

Sunday, sunday... Sunday, sunday...

our new cat :-)))

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7:03 AM