friday friday

It's beautiful sunny Friday in Poland today :-) The swans (made of sugar) from my collection of strange but cute things look beautiful. ...

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4:16 AM

Kisses from Fika Kisses from Fika

Dear Friends! I can say it now. Fika is healthy. After a few bad days, my tears and fear she feels very good. As our doctor said, no organs ...

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4:03 AM

sad bad day sad bad day

My Love Fika is ill after being bitten by a tick, my poor, sweet Fika, I'm so worried / Ficzka zachorowała po ugryzieniu przez kleszcza,...

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2:06 PM

think grey think grey

I didn't like the wall of the entrance door and had no idea what to do. I didn't want to do something permanently and serious and ho...

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1:49 PM

our house's repairs (part 5) /bedroom our house's repairs (part 5) /bedroom

We can say it: the bedroom is (finally) ready!!! White, relaxing... perfect for cats :-)You know that I must change everything in our house ...

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2:15 PM

a little break – oops a little break – oops

hello everybody! sorry for a little break.  I'm working on many illustrations for a school book and don't have time for anything els...

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3:29 AM

book for the weekend book for the weekend

Noma – one of the best restaurant in the world, but not everyone have possibility to be there and try its extraordinary food. New book Noma...

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12:59 AM

news news

I have great news! Great for me and hope great for you. Brand, new Ikea Family Live website starts today. It's the first information. T...

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12:59 PM

000 000

sad becase of: rain the end of summer stupid sitations had happend many works and lack of time my very short hair, I miss my dreadlocks not ...

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7:31 AM

bookstore story bookstore story

I visited one of the biggest bookstore in Warsaw last week. I don't like it because they mainly have books called "bestsellers"...

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4:46 AM