i'm still a child i'm still a child

it's me in 1976 and 1980... it was so many years ago, but I still have got this doll... beautiful days and picture from yesterday, nice ...

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3:58 AM

Have a fabulous weekend Have a fabulous weekend

Grace Kelly at the beach.

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2:56 PM

book for the weekend 4 + something special ;-) book for the weekend 4 + something special ;-)

Today book of Geert De Kockere and Sabien Clement Amourons-nous , publihed in 2003 by one of the greatest french publishing house  É dition...

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5:51 AM

the leg ;-) the leg ;-)

i love this sweet leg,  my little, black & white boy :-)

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7:35 AM

Jacques Grange Jacques Grange

Jacques Grange 's Paris flat is nothing short of perfection. The classic details of the 18th century architecture sings in perfect harm...

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5:45 AM

Working Masters at the office Working Masters at the office

I love to get a sneak peak into designers' world and get to see a little bit of their workspace. Pablo Picasso in his studio via here . ...

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6:01 AM

Ingrid, Henk, Pippa and Minne live here Ingrid, Henk, Pippa and Minne live here

T oday we go to the Netherlands! Why? Because Ingrid Jansen, the woman who created WOOD & WOOL STOOL lives there with her husband Henk, ...

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12:21 PM


This week I LOVE: 1. MINAKANI - Paris based textile design studio and their collections! 2. BEET ROOT - Red Ł owicz Heart mug, (featuring t...

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3:22 AM

hilda lives here hilda lives here

T oday we visited small, beautiful apartment in Sweden. This is home of Hilda Grahnat very young (23-years old – o God I wish I were so youn...

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4:03 PM