it's been... it's been...

... 4 days and 3 years since I've started this blog .  I'm different person now, a lot of things have changed, but you've always...

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3:12 AM

??? ???

You know, what's going on? Yes, we must be crazy to do it again. As my friend said: renovation is an infection attacking all house, from...

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2:05 AM

k is for kinfolk k is for kinfolk

I discovered Kinfolk some time ago. It was love at the first sight!  What I can say is only two words: absolute beauty Odkryłam  Kinfolk  j...

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12:25 AM

book for the weekend book for the weekend

Hello everybody! It's beautiful day, so this great book of Sara fits perfectly. I'm very curious about your feelings & opinion o...

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1:14 AM

The earth’s finest armchair The earth’s finest armchair

Let us introduce you to The earth’s finest armchair – before everyone else gets to see it. This armchair has been created by Helena Hörsted...

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1:10 AM

i'm back i'm back

wróciłam!  do wszędobylskich kocich zabawek I'm back! to cats' toys (which are everywhere) książek, tych z literkami i z obrazkami a...

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9:39 AM

london calling london calling

Wybywam do Londynu, a Was zostawiam z cudną Karin Kong z Bodie&Fou i jej londyńskim, biało-szaro-czarnym domkiem. Do zobaczenia wkrótce...

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12:40 AM

it's wonderful it's wonderful

Październik. Słonko. Wolny czas. Mam książki, dużo książek, nowych i tych zaległych. Czego mi trzeba? Ciszy, wygodnego fotela i herbaty z mi...

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5:23 AM