A school project A school project

  Cassandra 's post last week reminded me of these drawings I made last year for a school final project. We, the students, were provi...

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6:48 PM
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7:39 AM

Bohemian Decor Bohemian Decor

 For the romantic ones there is green, white, pink and tiny pieces of gray. For the highly energetic ones. Red, black, white and wood. Yo...

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5:47 PM

checkered floor checkered floor

I'm a big fan of checkered floors. They can transform any interior into a timeless classic beauty. Kate Spade 's kitchen James Merr...

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7:46 PM

Vanities:  Get the look Vanities: Get the look

All women want or have ever wanted one. Some are lucky enough to reserve an entire room for it, called the dressing or make up room. Regar...

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7:49 PM

Get The Look Get The Look

I like to customize everything I buy. Even if it is an Ikea kitchen cabinet. My husband is always asking me why I like to complicate thing...

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6:57 PM

Toko Ohmori Toko Ohmori

Aren't these illustrations by Toko Ohmori gorgeous? I think so. P.S I am so exited and flattered to be The Blog of the Month. Huge th...

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8:05 PM

Liana Yaroslavsky Liana Yaroslavsky

Beautiful display of vintage and femininity together.  It's rustic yet not masculine, feminine but not in a cliche way, romantic but not...

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7:43 PM

El Convento El Convento

Every time I see Spanish Colonial Architecture I can't help but be immediately drawn to it. No need to mention that the next time I...

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4:59 PM

Have a lovely weekend Have a lovely weekend

And turn to the person next to you and let him/her know how much he/she is loved. image from le love XOXO Julie

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5:36 PM

Pale Green Pale Green

Simplicity can be beautiful. This house is an example of it. The pale green mixed with the vintage accessories are just to die for. Top th...

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7:44 PM

Lorenzo Castillo design Lorenzo Castillo design

I get enchanted every time I see designers who are capable of mixing many centuries and styles together. This fantastic antique architect...

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