000 000

It was very busy and very boring day, yestarday. I spent hours in front of my computer finishing one of the commercial project. Yes, I must ...

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1:14 AM

hello :-) hello :-)

Hello after the break. We've got 5 free days because of Easter. It was very nice time, we visited our families, celebrated  60th anniver...

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10:59 AM

easter preparations :-) easter preparations :-)

I don't have time for anything else but I can't stop to show you one link: I'm sure you know the sartorialist it's time to ...

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8:14 AM

bad, bad housewife bad, bad housewife

I'm talking about me, I'm so bad housewife, I should clean "our nest" before Easter. And what I'm doing: working, work...

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7:28 AM

frida frida

Look what I've got from my dearest friends Ewa & Hubert! Cute, little  Frida. Thank you:-) The book about Her clothes ( Self portrai...

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1:33 AM

start your day perfectly start your day perfectly

with a great,  healthful breakfast.  Then day will be fine,  and you will able to handle everything.  This is my motto :-) -----------------...

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2:30 AM

bugs.../robaczki... bugs.../robaczki...

...found on the garage wall, somewhere in the middle of Poland, sweet – don't you think? / ... znalezione na ścianie osiedlowego garażu,...

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4:55 AM

what came first? what came first?

Egg or dinosaur? I don't really know :-) But I'm sure, there's new Edek in my shop. Co było pierwsze, jajko czy dinozaur? Pytani...

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9:29 AM

bopa doll bopa doll

I met this little, sweet girl in a small shop in Calangute in India. The owner of this amazing place called Eternal Creation is Dolma , a T...

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5:14 AM

good day/bad day good day/bad day

Have you got days when everything seems to be sad, ugly, with no colours. When you don't like anything, can't do and finish anything...

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4:38 AM

what makes me happy what makes me happy

funny things, good music , work, colours , good books , artificial, painted flowers,  new items in   my shop   ;-) ... and many, many more...

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4:00 AM