Each and every one of the contestants were so original and exited, describing how they would use the chinoiserie book cover in an original way. I picked Becky from Memphis and Joy from of Amity and Allure because I love their ideas on how they would use it. Below is what they wrote.

I had to think a lot about this one but here goes:
I would actually use the print (if I could) as upholstery on antique french dining chairs around a distressed shabby chic dining room table or I would use pieces of the wallpaper, framed in cute frames as a wall display in another room possibly. But then I would use the colors as a color scheme for the whole room.... soft cream on the walls, pale turquoise on all the trim and mouldings (usually it's the other way around but I think this would have more punch) and of course huge pink roses or poppies maybe as a centerpiece for whatever table is in the room.... oooh maybe this pattern as a huge are rug in a little girl's bedroom (also with the above color scheme!! And sheer white or lacy curtains at the windows are also a must!!!
Good luck to all and congratulations to the winners! :)


I would love to use this wallpaper in a little girl's room. I would cover the ceiling with it and paint the walls in a light lacquered green. The room would be complete with silk pink taffeta puffy curtains and a white distressed french bed on top of a brown shag rug.

Thank you,

As you can see these two ladies had great ideas and great style. Congratulations to Joy and Becky.