Lerebours Antiques just opened a gorgeous flagship store on 60th St on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It carries top of the line unique pieces from traditional classic to modern and eclectic ones. Two weeks ago I was working together with Cathy Lerebours, owner, styling it for a photo shoot section to be featured in a very important Home Decor Magazine. Cathy has great taste and eye so she had a very clear idea of what she wanted to project in these pictures. It was all about the pieces so we decided not to clutter with a lot of props. Instead we focused on letting the antiques stand out. These are some of the pictures of the sets we put together.

I fell madly in love with a series of four fashion illustrations by Kostantine Kakanias (one pictured above). As you can see with fantastic pieces like these there is not much that needs to be done to make them look beautiful, they style themselves just with their own beauty.