I wanted to share with you a few images of my most recent project. I finished it last week and had it professionally photographed by Robert Levin for my up-coming website. My sweet client and myself are very pleased with the result. Ms. Whiton moved into this small pre-war rental apartment a few months ago and she wanted to make it feel hers as much as possible. Similar to many other pre-war apartments this one was lacking light so we decided to keep it as open, airy and clean as possible. This also served well for the extensive art collection to shine on its own. When I came to this apartment a few months ago there was only an old sofa and plenty of art resting on the walls. The sofa has been under Ms. Whiton's possession for quit a while now but it was in need of a complete re-do. I chose a neutral tone of damask fabric and added a few pillows in different textures to add some character. The curtains were done in gorgeous stripes that bring out the colors in the pillows and in the sofa. The two chairs are from ABC Carpet in New York. To make the light in the room multiply I painted the mahogany fireplace in white and added a layer of mirror around the inside. The dining room opens up from the living room but we wanted to make it look separate so we wallpapered the walls in Acapulco Sand. I had an inlay console custom made in a long but narrow shape in order for the space to be functional but not crowded. The magnificent sconces are from Lerebours Antiques. Once I saw them I knew they would be perfect for the sophisticated tropical ambiance we wanted for the dining room. Hence the beautiful Louis XVI-style caned chairs. The cowhide rugs used in both rooms are also from ABC Carpet. (you can click on the pictures to see them better)