Have a Lazy weekend Have a Lazy weekend

After being woken up at 4 am by a non-sleepy little creature and not having gone back to sleep, all I want to have is a lazy weekend and no...

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6:20 AM

new issue new issue

New issue of Zwierciadło with my illustrations.  I like this month's cover very much.

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12:50 AM

Outdoor living Outdoor living

The weather is predicted to be more than fabulous this weekend. I can't help but wish to own one of these fantastic outdoor spaces to e...

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12:18 PM

Bamboo Chairs Bamboo Chairs

  Believe it or not We still don't have a dinning room table nor the chairs to go with it yet. I've been looking for that perfect t...

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5:46 AM

Stripe that chair Stripe that chair

One of my favorite places in the city is Benoit . The paneled dining room with the cozy red banquettes can inevitably transport you to Paris...

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1:25 PM

Jo lives here Jo lives here

This is home of Jo, she lives here with her two lovely cats: Tazin and Lulu. We meet ten years ago (in my first workplace - polish edition o...

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11:56 AM

Textured Walls Textured Walls

One thing I love is the feeling of unpolished limestone walls in a bathroom. Even though a bathroom with marble on the floors and walls is ...

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6:26 AM

pink pink

Two lovely blogs for today to visit: zorzeta  and walter helena

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2:48 AM

Blue + Beige and some skin tone Blue + Beige and some skin tone

Equals beauty.       Image credit: 1 don't remember, 2 & 3 , 4 .

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12:30 PM