brrr brrr

What I really need today (the day was so stressful) is biscuit, mug of strong black tea, sweet memories of the summer & good book  / To ...

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9:00 AM

I need sun!!!!!!!!! I need sun!!!!!!!!!

Rain, wind, horrible weather in Poland now. I need sun so much! To improve my mood few pics in orange & yellow taken in India.  Look at ...

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10:52 AM

for a girl/for a boy for a girl/for a boy

new items in my shop , take a look :-) / nowe obrazki w sklepiku , zajrzyjcie :-) I taki fajny link na dziś: anamarkowe candy :-)

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10:48 AM

(my) colours (my) colours

I was looking for something today and found these photos of my old flat. It was about 8-9 years ago when we lived in center of Warsaw in our...

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2:54 PM

on the run... on the run...

I feel like this rat today, on the run all the time... so I can say you good night, have beautiful dreams :-)/Rat is from Bremen, nice boy d...

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2:11 PM