Caviar Lighting by Laura Kirar. 
Often people underestimate the power of lighting.  Lighting doesn't just create the perfect mood or ambiance (tranquility, serenity, romanticism or harmony) in a room but more often than not becomes more of a focal point by itself.  Take for instance the chandeliers we choose for our dining rooms where they usually hang more at eye level.  It would be a very noticeable mistake, if not costly, to choose the wrong one.  The cluster chandeliers I've seen lately in design magazines may just be what the doctor ordered offering simplicity and sculptural element at the same time.  Their hanging globes (sometimes in different size) are together and connected by either wires or a metal structure.  They also may come with facing down shades.  Either style you choose these are destined to be a classic.  Enjoy!
 Above and below, Usona