Colin Radcliffe
Sconces have become more than just a simple object with a main purpose to illuminate spaces a long time ago.  It has become many things in one, a sculpture, a wall art; a strictly decor item.  Since such is its evolution many times its selection is based as being part of the details.  As much as part of the final touches that complement the room nevertheless, a wall sconce is an item with function and form.  As each of these rooms illustrates indoor wall lighting can be used for many different aim.  Ejoy!
Too high of a ceiling and too big of space? add intimacy by installing lighting on the shared walls. 
Dimore Studio via AD Faance.  In this small eating area the mid-century wall sconces add to the whole ambiance and mood of the space by taking the place of an art wall.
In this bedroom the sconces don't take away from the bookcases and neutral tones, their most important purpose is function.
In the home of Gallerist David Gill a Serge Mouillie double swing arm sconce blends in with the industrial kitchen.  It also contrasts with the iron window frames.
Love this three arm sconce.  Its effect is more of a sculpture in itself to the white plain walls.
In this marblelous bathroom the sconces are barely noticeable, I assumed to not fight against the marble and golden mirror. by Kelly Wearstler via Lonny
 Nate Berkus
Informal and bohemian as in Carolina Herrera Jr. home in Spain
In this bathroom by Colin Radcliffe they seem to disappear in the mirrors.