Every time I see Spanish Colonial Architecture I can't help but be immediately drawn to it. No need to mention that the next time I'm in Puerto Rico, El Convento is the place I'll stay. No question about it. The building housing this effulgent Boutique Hotel was built in 1646, an order of King Phillip IV to serve as a Carmelite convent, hence its very eccentric name.
boutique hotel
I can't tell you enough how I would enjoy setting in this terrace while reading a book with the breeze caressing my hair. Oh I need some of that so much...
el convento puerto rico
This suite was named after Gloria Vanderbilt who was the first guest on the night of the inauguration. I would like to walk bare foot over those handcrafted tiles. I can even close my eyes and feel the freshness coming under my feet.

Oh...to drink some mojitos and enjoy some tapas. Or maybe I would just stay still contemplating those always beautiful green and white awnings or those imposing wood beams.
Caribbean boutique hotel
Then I would jump into the pool and swim and swim those well consumed calories out.