A beautiful chandelier can do to a room what the appropriate accessories can do to an outfit. That often-underestimated chandelier can add that final touch to your room and infuse the mood you are looking for. Chandeliers are considered ambient lighting, a technique that is used to illuminate that specific space and its close surroundings. Far are the days when this type of lighting was used only above our dining rooms or in our living rooms. Now-a-days we can see chandeliers in bathrooms, foyers and kitchens. Its openness and crystals make them a great alternative to add sophistication to a small space without compromising visual space.
A chandelier’s versatility is endless; it can be used in traditional or modern rooms. In this first room below, designed by Tom Scheerer, blends effortlessly with the romantic mood.
chandelier in a roomroom with chandelier
For those of us who love modern design, this room below shows us how much this type of lighting can enhance a modern-furnished room and add that special touch of elegance.
living rooms with chandeliers
I love the romantic touch that this chandelier adds to this French inspired decorated space below.
chandeliers in living rooms
In the living room below, a touch of ambient lighting creates a very smooth and fresh atmosphere. Chandeliers are not only for traditional spaces anymore they can be applied to any style.
living rooms, chandeliers
chandelier, living room