creole architecture
I know this house is not in the Caribbean hence it doesn't apply to my Caribbean getaways. But I loved the tropical atmosphere so much that I couldn't hold myself from posting it and adding it to my list as well. French Creole Architecture is a combination of French and Caribbean style, especially designed for the hot, wet climate mostly found in the West Indies. Therefore the use of brick walls, wooden pillars, long and sometimes wide roofed porches or verandas that usually connect all the bedrooms. The bedrooms are located on the second floor with doors that open to the corridor. This French Creole architecture began with the French colonial period (1699-1762). Below is a description from the website of this gorgeous house.
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new orleansfrench creole architecture

"This exquisite 7 1/2 bedroom home is located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, just one block from Bourbon Street. It features two magnificent double parlors, a Yamaha grand piano, delightfully lavish velvet sofas, and a beautiful formal dining room. Artful film posters and original art adorn the walls. Modern amenities, including wireless internet, satellite TV, and a home entertainment system, are blended with old world charm".