We all know who Elaine Griffin is, unless you've been living under the rocks, her incredible interiors have been featured in many Interior Design magazines. I personally love her lush elegant interiors and I am more than honored to host a give away of her "first in its kind" book, Design Rules, The Insider's Guide to Becoming your own Decorator. Yes, you heard right, Elaine generously is giving her readers those great Interior Designer's secrets that we all wonder about. I have the pleasure to have read her book over this weekend and it's easy and enjoyable to read.
At first I was hoping to see more photos of her gorgeous interiors but as I was reading it I understood that Elaine's intention is not for readers to copy a photo or image but to provide the tools to let our own creativity flow. This book is a must-have for all those do-it-yourselfers who struggle with the basic how-to's and ideas. Design Rules, The Insider's Guide to Becoming your own Decorator will give you valuable advice and ideas to make your home the best reflection of yourself and your loved ones.
"If you are a patient and creative genius, make your own wallpaper from newspaper, graph paper, or gift wrap-affix to the wall with thin white school glue diluted with water to resemble a soupy paste..." is one of the genius ideas you will find in this Elaine's book. But if you don't believe me about how helpful this book can be, believe Margarette Russel when she says "...Translating the basics of chic design for the nonprofessional, she provides irresistible foolproof tips that make sense for every taste, style, and budget."
To enter the contest, leave a comment in this post and I'll select a random lucky winner next Tuesday, 24th of November. The book will be sent to the winner directly from Gotham Books Publishers.