Going through my files I came across Rose Anne de Pampelonne Parisian limestone mansion built in 1900's and redesigned by the designer who is also a baroness. The multi floor mansion that she shares with her bank-president and baron husband Bruno, was featured in Elle Decor a little while ago and has since been in my files because of its eclecticism and use of different hues. Asian antiques and porcelain, indigenous fabrics, sculptural antique fishing baskets hung as art, African mask, velvet and brocade fabric are gracefully combined in harmony layering this sumptuous home.

Above and below images of the gorgeous stunning dinning room

Rose Anne de Pampelonne placed an elegant 1940s relic bed with leafy silvered legs and a neo-Baroque headboard upholstered in silk velvet and brocade in her living room. I love it when designers think completely outside the box.

A table in the courtyard is dressed with an antique saris.

Rose Ann de Pompelonne photographed by Roger Davies.
Enjoy your weekend.

All images from Elle Decor.