I did this post last year and since so many people loved it as much as I did, that gives me an excellent excuse to post it again today.  If you are a frequent visitor of Belle Vivir, you should know by now my obsession with Christmas.  As a matter of fact my Facebook bio for more than 6 years goes like this "In love with my family and Christmas" and that hasn't changed a bit.  Enjoy!
I've never spent Christmas in Europe, yet.  Undoubtedly Christmas is warm and inviting everywhere but there is a certain special warmth in Europe during this time that it's not found anywhere else.  Perhaps it’s because Santa Clause is in Northern Europe somewhere? and so the feeling of Christmas is more palpable?  Or, maybe it's because of the way the homes are built, of solid stone and stucco that make the ambiance of Christmas feel cozier.  I definitely would like to spend Christmas in Europe one day and these images just make my wish stronger.