Guest blogger Wentyl presents... Guest blogger Wentyl presents...

b e a r   breeds bees bees make honey... and this is not a fairy tale begining it is a farm tourism you can rest or ... work with bees (if y...

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9:32 PM

new mice/old cat :-)))) new mice/old cat :-))))

My new ballet flats. C-u-t-e!!! Love them!!! It's Friday again! Let's celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Koksik does :-D /  Moj...

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4:52 AM

sleep all day sleep all day

sleep all day, my dream for today / spać, cały dzień, takie marzenie na dziś

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2:17 AM

living room living room

Hi everybody! How are you today? This stupid flue doesn't want to leave me, I still feel bad ;-( Hope you're better than me! My new...

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11:37 PM

in the studio in the studio

Today I wanted to show you my ordinary day. Like this & that ... but after breakfast I went to my studio & spent there all day. Thi...

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10:07 AM

soon! soon!

It's my new project. Almost done. I hope the great show will be at the beginning of July. I can only say it's something for you.../ ...

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3:00 AM