Diane Von Furstenberg dining room
The ease of city life; convenience, fast pace and unlimited access to restaurants has taken a toll on family time at the table.  Seldom, families get home at  the same time to enjoy a warm diner together.  Most likely kids eat in front of the TV while parents eat well probably also in front of the TV if not in front of the computers.  I know this because we're guilty of this due to our lack of a dining table.  Yes, we've been living here for 7 months... I haven't come across anything that blows my mind besides, I normally take this long to find what I want anyway.  We all have our flaws don't we?!  Luckily, we were used to sitting together for dinner like real people while living in the States and I kind of want to have that back soon.   
 Lauren Santo Domingo's Paris apartment.
 Gabriela Perezutti via Harper's Bazaar.  Love the Art Deco chairs.
 Sputnik chandelier hanging above an Eero Saarinen tulip dining table and chairs can't go wrong.
Design by Sloan Mauran via House and Home 
 Designed by Kelie Grosso
 Brooke Shields dining room via Architectural Digest.
 Carolina Irving dining/library room. 
 via this Pinterest account