Interior Designer Marta de Rica seems to favor mixing iron vintage chairs, distressed wood with polished cabinetry.  She also seems to prefer concrete finishes over tiles or marble for bathrooms and kitchens.  These choices of hers translate into homes that have a modern sensibility yet feel homey and livable.  Enjoy! 
Beautiful vignette.  I adore the sconces.
Antiqued mirror and french chandelier in a bathroom.  The bathtub looks like a personal pool.
Distressed wooden door gives interest to a very delicate room.  Adore the black reading sconces.
Another view of the bedroom where Marta displays a chair without upholstery. 
A modern kitchen with traditional patterned floor. 
Symmetry frames the door with A pair of Sputnik sconces over a pair of draped sconces designed by Frederique Mechiche
A powder room wallpapered in a Grisaille wallpaper depicting old buildings. 
Marta uses a library card index file cabinet for her jewelry and accessories.