Amazing door at Bruno Frisoni Moroccan home
I have posted before about how important and sometimes overlooked doors are in interiors.  It's a great opportunity to make a room or a home a carefully thought through beautiful space.  From painting faux moldings to simply wallpapering to a more expensive alternative of replacing them anyone can enhance its look and value.  Enjoy!
Below, Jean Luis Deniot did what it seems fretwork above the doors in this beautiful space in India.

Sometimes with only paint, preferibly in a contrasting color, would make an impact.

Paint faux moldings.

I know that not everybody get to have doors like this one but it is a great source of inpiration.
Sliding doors are not only functional but they can be sculptural as well.

Love this big farm door.

This is such a great idea.  The door below leading to the kitchen is covered with mirror and wood molding.
Covering a door with fabric or wallpaper is a pretty good alternative as well.