This smart and beautiful geometric master piece was created by me, myself and me computer.  I present to you one of my prints which I tried really hard to create from the bottom of my heart, imagination and creativity.  I wanted to create something that was completely unique and transcends the fashion times aka. modern and classic at the same time.  I hope you love it, want it and buy many of them and share them with your family and friends because I think it's kind of cool and good looking!  
FYI it can be printed in any color of your choice.  Later I'll share the rest of my print line with you which is all awesome and unique, but don't hesitate, they're coming soon! 
My entire print line is officially copyrighted
And on another note, as everybody should know by now, Google Reader is closing down for goods which leaves us with one great option to continue following our favorite blogs, Blogloving.  Believe it or not I was not a regular Blogloving user, I actually never used it.  I just didn't want to add another Internet way of consuming my little free time left.  You know that thing about living in the moment?  But this morning when I was transferring my Blogs follower list I felt better that I was replacing instead of adding one more, so thanks Google for the change because frankly Blogloving is kind of better looking than your old Google reader.  I think! 
Since this morning Belle Viviris actively live in Blogloving in case you were worried about how to continue following me? Press the button below.

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