There are many reasons why we all need an outfit like this one this Fall.  First it's just chic, second it's modern so no one will confuse you with her son's teacher, third it's stylish and lady-like at the same time.  How often can you put those two last words in the same sentence? yeah, that's what I thought!  From my part I'm looking forward to try orange nails soon, a no filter sweater so people can see my inner beauty, an unstructured patchwork leather skirt is modern and also sophisticated at the same time and I'm just not saying this because it sounds good but because it looks just right.  A modern ring and a clean but statement necklace because  they are both good ideas and necessary.  A more affordable version of Celine metal plate shoes because frankly it's just not possible to afford Celine right now, at least not on in-season pieces.  Philip Lim small Ryder satchel is too beautiful to ignore and last but not least a fake fur jacket by Michael Kors because animals deserve good treatment too!  Enjoy!