I'd like to share with you my print line. I love architecture, geometry and abstract forms so I wanted to create a line that would evoke that. Lines, geometry, shapes and a little bit of pop art are found in these prints which are now available through Etsy.
 I Heart New York or My heart is in New York. I love many cities but, there is no other City in the world with the dynamic and vibrant vibe of New York City. Everything from its incompatible diversion, freedom and opportunities is unmatchable. My son always keeps telling me "mami I was born in New York, right mami?," "yes, sweetie you were. You are a new yorker" This print was created as a homage to him. The colors in the small heart are never repeated and the whole print can be customizable.
Origami is a floating abstract shape that seems to be lit from inside. I love its understated and minimalist atmosphere.
Complex Geometry is the print to enhance any decor, from modern to traditional. 
I hope you like them.  Thank you!
 ALL MY WORK IS Copyright © 2013 Julie Paulino Yenicag, Atelier Julia.