Jib doors have nothing to do with mystery anymore. They no longer are meant for secret passages, high power secret operations and/or certainly not for hiding the ugly side of a freakish double life.  So, if you were planing to partake in one of the above activities then you'll have to find another way of keeping it to yourself.  Now a days Jib doors are too popular to disguise what's behind.  It is more for aesthetical purposes than anything else and that's ok, you should not panic!  Jib doors have just decided to catch up with the 21st century and it's doing the right thing now.  It grants everybody the freedom to camouflage a kitchen that happens to be in the wrong place.  It also gives homeowners and designers the flexibility to keep their wallpaper intact without any door frame disturbing the view.  So as you can see Jib doors are the coolest thing now and it solves a lot of crucial situations.  Enjoy!