It's easy to recognize a warm and cozy home.  Is that feeling of familiarity and honesty that invites you to stay longer, put up your feet while asking for more hot coco and praying you don't have to leave ever again.  That's the feeling we all want in our homes notably because our homes are the best reflections of our real selves.  Hence it would be practically impossible to have a  warm heart and not have a warm home or vice-versa as it's equally impossible to create fake characters of our home.  The great news is that the process to make a house feel like a cozy home may be even easier to tackle than we all think.  Here are five simple elements to consider. 
Ruthie Sommers
While all-white interiors can be very relaxing, colored makes homes cozy.  By colorful interiors I mean spaces with either warm tones or full colorful ones.  Colors have a special magic to bring out the soul in the room and it's also the easiest way to change things around.  Usually warm and dark colors provide a better result at accomplishing coziness.  Painting a wall, upholstering a sofa or adding a colorful rug are only a few of the ways to bring color inside a home.

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I've never seen coziness without layers.  Layer is what gives a home a sense of lived-in and reality.  Steps such as adding a smaller rug on top of an existing one, placing a chair in a corner or laying a throw on a bed are only a few of the many ways of adding instant layers to a home.

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Plants and flowers can immediately transform a home.  It could also say a lot about the homeowner lifestyle.  Either real or fake fire could be one of the warmest elements in a home. 
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One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Don't be afraid to use your family hand downs.  That's what makes your home yours.  Antiques or old furniture conceive perfectly enveloped rooms.  If you don't have anything handed down to you can find great pieces at affordable prices at a flea market.

An added bonus is if the books are old, you know patina is a good thing.

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