Crystal Chandeliers have always been considered feminine and girly hence often the first choice of a traditional woman when looking for overhead lighting options.  They can make a room look instantly elegant and sophisticated but in most cases can also make a room very feminine.  If that's not the road you want to take, because you are married, living with a guy or because you are simply too cool, don't panic, you can still have your fabulous crystal chandelier without making your guy feel like a perfect loser.  Here is what I would look for if I were in the hunt for a crystal chandelier. 
Go for dark metal chandeliers, such as antique black metal, black wrought iron and so on.
Get a chandelier without light bulb shades.
Pair it with a neutral color palette or rustic elements as wood or concrete.  Don't worry you can still put your peonies on the table.  You both live there.

I'd like to live int his room and eat in front of that fireplace.