I appreciate Interior Designers like Julie Hillman with a strong sense of individualism and distinctiveness in their work.  This monochromatic apartment in NYC’s Meatpacking District reflects an aesthetic of subtle colors with an aura of glamour without being overly flashy.  The combination of dark rustic wood on the floor, Lindsey Adelman branching bubble Chandelier with softer touches as the shaggy rug and clear white curtains make the design on the living room, top image, very soothing.  I try for the interior design work I post in Belle Vivir to be authentic and unique as possible.  For what is a well designed home if not a division of one life and experiences.  Enjoy!

Love the proportion of this mirrored vanity above.  Also love the fact that it has an industrial side to it.

Gold and white marble in the bathroom contrasting the brownish built-in.

The golden sunburst mirror in the entryway is pure beauty.

Below, more of Julie Hillman work.

All images via Julie Hillman's website.