I'm sure everybody who reads Interior Design blogs have seen Jenna Lyon's Brooklyn Brownstone.  Jenna is J Crew’s Creative Director and her Brooklyn Heights apartment is probably the most blogged about ever.  It graced the cover of Domino Magazine more than once and the yellow sofa over the Moroccan rug and the black bedroom were one of the few unique design elements in Jenna's home that kept many yearning for more.  The apartment was put up for sale soon after Jenna's divorce leading to a bidding war probably due to the Brownstone popularity.  The couple winning the bid was Tracy Martin and Vince Clarke, both in the music industry.  The new owners seeked help from Interior Design firm Roman and Williams to create a home that reflects their own lifestyle and aesthetics.  The result is a maximalist brownstone that seems to be there for a long time. 

In the top image is Jenna Lyons living room.  Below is how it is today after Tracy Martin and Vince Clarke put their touches.

Above, Jenna Lyons dining room is spare and more modern while the new decor below is more maximilist.  Notice that the crown moldings were darkened making them more noticeable.

Jenna's bedroom had black walls.  The current walls now are still dark but in a lighter plum color. 

In the bathroom the bare concrete back wall was kept intact but the floor seems to have gotten a make-over and painted darker. 

In the kitchen glass door cabinets were installed.

Below, more images of the new decorated Brownstone.

All photos via The New York Times.