A Classic Mont Blanc Watch

Today is my husband's birthday and I'm happy we get to spend it with his parents and our little one, who is not really a little one anymore.  My hubby is a very humble person with one of the most admirable qualities I can only hope I had, patience.  Everyone who gets to know him falls in-love with his enthusiastic personality and kindness.  He will never let you know he already knows about the interesting fact you are telling him, instead he would make you feel incredibly important and smart.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have him in my life simply because he is the best human being I've ever met, and since today is his birthday I'm posting the material things he has always admired and I hope one day be able to gift him.  He prefers everything that looks vintage and simple.  
It is also a tradition of my husband to thank his parents, especially his mother on this day.  A big congratulations to my mother in-law for having raising such a great person.
Almost anything john varvatos

One of his favorite places is the Hamptons.  If we ever are in a position to buy a piece of land there all the lots are taken then we'll end up in North Fork but, it's ok.  Probably by then its as chic as the Hamptons itself.

BMW 507

When we first started dating he had a huge leather sofa, in which I kept kind of slipping off and for aesthetics reasons I got rid of it as soon as possible.  Whenever we move again we'll get his forever "keep remembering me" leather sofa but, this time we'll meet in between and we'll be getting something stylish as this if not a chesterfield sofa.