Beymen Department Store in Istanbul is like the synthesis of Barney's in New York.  Although they don't carry everything online, their stores carry all the exclusive and kind of hip brands that you can ever think of.  The Beymen located in the newly opened Zorlu Center also offers a gorgeous Cafe/Restaurant, Morini that is beautiful decorated with blue and white tiles, black and white mosaic floors, mirrored bar shelves and fresh and beautiful flowers.  Istanbul Interior Design is influenced by the City's unique location, between Europe and Asia, whilst being more European in design.  It takes its beautiful and unique style from its rich past of grandeur and splendor.  Everywhere you go you may find cozy and chic cafes decorated in different styles but always stylish.  Since I never feel ashamed to take pictures, regardless of where I am, I took some pictures of Morini Cafe.  It's better to do something even when it's not too cool than regretting not doing it later.

All photos by me