Today we are going to England because I'd like to visit with you an amazing house - house of Veronika. What she said me about her house... "Our house is about 150 sqm. To be honest I'm not really sure. It's quite small as is not only me, my husband and my daughter, but I have two teenager stepsons staying with us every other week. We would like to extend the house next year but who knows...And we have been living here almost 3 years." 
Her house is beautiful, warm and lovely. When I think about "real home" I see house like this: quite, full of light and colour-spots, with this special warmth - when you watch pictures you understand what I mean. Veronika is author of marvelous blog few things from my life and creator of the brand Sarah & Bendrix (you could read here wonderful story about the reason of this name here. Telling the truth when I'm thinking about Veronika I'm always use name Sarah - I'm not sure why ;-) (sorry Veronika for calling you Sarah!!! but now you know the reason) 
So what I love about her home:  the main thing is really simple: it's beautiful, the second: the things have been moving... I think that they are thankful! They could see many interesting places in the house - I have the same situation in my house and my husband says that our furniture have very interesting life ;-) The third thing is: that his house is so peaceful when you watch the pics of Veronika's home you can almost feel it. The next thing is: I'm sure people who live there are really happy because that place is happy and beautiful.
I love reading her blog it's full of inspirations, smile and warmth I like reading her post about moving things around the house instead of ironing - it's so cute but who not knows it!. So today I'd like to invite you to visit the world of Veronika's hearts ;-)

And here you can read some words of Veronika:
1. How do you describe your house style?
simple, practical, eclectic
2. You like your home for...
it feels like home. I moved 12 times in past decade and this house feels like home, with things I like, close to a large park and shops and it feels good living here. 
3. Have you got your favourite designer or just love things of their beauty?
not really. I have a very eclectic taste. I like things modern but also antiques,  I love Ikea but like to have a couple designer pieces. I don't really care too much about style or who designed what. I just like it because it looks and feels good. 
4. Whose house do you love or admire?
hm...I have a quite few favourites. I keep images from old Livingetc and Elle decor and some of them might be over 10 years old. But generally houses that are lived in, with quirky ideas, perfectly proportioned rooms, high ceilings, large windows, wooden floors, lots of bedrooms, huge bathrooms and a cute kids room. 
5. Your most favourite colour...
white is constant, I have new favourites now and then but white is always somewhere at the top. At the moment any shade of blue on clothes, grey and dark orange and hot pink in interiors. 
6. What's your dreamy place to live and create?
anywhere close to my family
7. What a wonderful evening means for you...
dinner with friends, great food and wine
8. Your most inspiring book...
Anything from John Irving, Paulo Coelho, I.D.Yalom, Graham Green...
9. Your most favourite movie...
I love movies, but I have to say The End of Affair..:), the story of Sarah and Bendrix
10. When you do not work...
love spending time with my family, friends, bit of diy or moving furniture:), reading, listening to music, walking
Veronika – thank you so much for everything!!!
All photos I show you were taken by Veronika