I'm sure that is no need to introduce today's guest but... I do it!
Elisabeth from Fine Little Day made me a honour and agreed to show a little piece of her wonderland. So come on in...
Elisabeth is very talented photographer, graphic designer and illustrator known for everybody from her lovely blog. You can see marvellous portfolio of her here. She's created together with artist and friend of her - Camilla Engman Studio Violet. Don't miss visiting her shop too.
Elisabeth lives with her family (daughter Tovalisa, son Otto, her husband Dennis and the cat (Devon Rex) - Hiro) in Gothenburg in Sweden. They have beautiful, large, full of light apartment, created of personal, sentimental things. I love the way their house is "living" and everything seems to be on the "right place". 
I started my day visiting her blog, looking  for new pics and posts of her. It makes me happy and gives power to deal with reality ;-) It's so good to be (while I'm reading Fine Little Day) in her magical world.

My questions – Elisabeth's answers:
1. How do you describe your house style?
- Haven't thought of putting words on it before, but "bohemian" style maybe?
2. You like your home for...
- My family is here.
3. Have you got your favourite designer or just love things of their beauty?
-  Second hand stores and fleas are my favorite places to look for things to my home.
4. Whose house do you love or admire?
- I'm in love with every house I've photographed (see my "Home off"-list in the right column in my blog).
5. Your most favourite colour...
Brown maybe?
6. What's your dreamy place to live and create?
I would like to have a spartan summer house, somewhere in the forest near a lake or the ocean - that would be a dreamy place to create and live.
7. What a wonderful evening means for you...
Hm... A wonderful evening would be a calm summer evening with my husbands good food, chocolate dessert, some sparkling white wine maybe and good company of friends and family.
8. Your most inspiring book...
One inspiring book I bought recentely is James Castle, a Retrospective
(See here)
Another one is:
Woodstock Handmade Houses
(you can see it here)
9. Your most favourite movie...
I have difficult to remember names, but a film that made a big impression on me is Gummo. Hard to talk about it in terms of "favorite movie" but as said, it made a great impression. I like films with Sean Penn...
10. When you do not work...
I dream, about a summer house.

Thank you Elisabeth for possibility to be in your wonder world ;-)

All pictures I show you were taken by Elisabeth Dunker