Christmas is almost here and I can't think of a more appropriate time to thank all of you who support and visit Belle Vivir, even when you stop by quietly without letting me know who you are. Without you dear readers I wouldn't be here so, for that thank you. I wish you the best Christmas and I hope that wherever you are, you feel the peace and love of this special time of year. Please find below a few images of our home. This year we kept things simpler than usual. We did not put a Christmas tree, instead I created small vignettes around the house.

I decided to decorate this sculpture by putting poinsettia between the wings but, as Murphy's law would dictate, just when I was going to take a close up of my wingy sculpture one of the flowers decided to fall down.

Inside our Art Deco bar. You can see my lovely nephew's head through the mirror.

All images for/by Bellevivir.