Pardon my belated welcoming to 2011. This past year has granted me many blessings allowing me to accomplish many of the things I've dreamt of. First, I finished school so I will finally have more time this year to focus on some other personal interest, on work and on putting more effort and time on my blog. I went on a fantastic trip to Turkey which was for the longest time on the top of my list. Lucas started going to the daycare without any crying or drama, which is a great deal to me.
I usually don't set goals for a new year but in 2011 I decided to do it and maybe print them out and post them somewhere as a reminder. My goals this year are simple and are more spiritual. I'm not afraid to say that everything I have today, including my marriage to a wonderful, thoughtful man is in big amount, result of Kabbalah. I studied Kabbalah and learned many important lessons and universal laws that I couldn't find explanations of before. Among many things I learned; the following ones have stuck with me: I learned that we are the only ones responsible (not guilty) for everything that happens in our lives, I learned to point to myself not others when something goes wrong and try to see what I did wrong instead of blaming others. I learned that the most important journey in life is to be a better person by getting out of our comfort zones. Not all the time I succeed on practicing all of these but I'm aware of when I don't and look for or wait for another equal opportunity to present itself to do things differently then.
Attributing everything I have in life to Kabbalah, I'm going to retake classes this year and make a stronger effort to become a better me.
Now on the physical level I wanted to start the year with outstanding images and there is no one better than Francois Halard to fill that. Anyone who is an admirer of beautiful interiors has to love Francois Halard photography so I have selected a few of his most memorable images to start 2011. Going trough his photos I couldn't help but think what a wonderful life must be to have access to all the gorgeously breathtaking interiors Francois Halard has.