Spring is fast approaching in the US and that's a fun thing to know after a long and cold winter.  Isn't it?  There are a few things we can do to get into the Spring mood and welcome the pretty days of blooming flowers and full leafy trees. 
Clean your windows from all the whitish marks of snow that get accumulated throughout the winter and let the glorious morning sun come on in without any interruption.   I remember when growing up that was one of the first things my mom used to do come Spring and she still does it.
Mark D. Sikes via House Beautiful
While you're at it go ahead and place some potted herbs on the windowsills.  Herbs such as mint, parsley, rosemary or basil will not only look pretty but they will also smell like heaven.   Especially mint- and you can always put it in your Mojitos. 
Melanie Turner
Remove that heavy and sheering rug.  If you prefer a carpet in the area, replace it with a cowhide or a jute rug.  Jute is softer than sisal to the touch. 
Marshall Watson
With Spring comes the occasional chilly night but everything made of wool to cover ourselves will still be too much.  Pull a light cotton throw out of your closet and keep it on your sofa or buy an Otomi throw with its colorful hand embroidered designs is perfect to bring that pup of color home for Spring.
Elle Decor
Replace your heavy curtains for lighter ones.  It's great to have thick and darker curtains during winter to help keep out the cold but in warmer days where everything gets lighter and fresher why not our curtains.  Panels that you can buy at home stores are ideal and easy!
And last but not least bring those new flowers inside the house.  Some people prefer carefully done flower arrangements while others prefer to have them organically placed in a base with water as if they were freshly picked from the garden.  I think a cluster of fruits or vegetables on top of a dining table also look great.  Enjoy!
Last three photos via here.