If you have been on the popular page of Instagram then you have seen her pretty face many times.  I came across Negin Mirsalehi that way as well and I've being following her ever since and then I found out she has a blog.  In her blog which has her name, she is not afraid to share her beauty secrets with her readers and inspire us all with her everyday put together outfits.  I love not only her sense of style where she combines high and low fashion effortlessly but also how pretty and sweet she looks in her pictures and in her interactions with her readers. 
Negin says that fashion is an expression of how she feels each day.  "One day I wake up and I feel very feminine wearing a dress and the other day I love a distressed pair of jeans, an over-sized sweater and some biker boots. I also love mixing styles, so for instance feminine and edgy (I love to wear complete black outfits, so simple yet sophisticated)". 
She started her blog as a way to communicate better with her followers.  Check it out!
 The glasses and the bag.
 Everything here is simply fabulous.