Today we visit house of someone very special to me – it's my friend from Phoenix Amy. She lives here with her husband Mathew and beautiful young lady - her daughter Katy. We met some months ago thanks to internet :-D. Since then we write to each other telling about our families, life, work… She's wonderful, warm, beautiful person with so many skill and hobbies (look at her tea pitcher !). We haven't met in person yet,  but I hope it will be possible next year. Now I'd like to show her beautiful loft, you can read what Amy says about her house and place:
"The Beadleview lofts were constructed in 2004 as the first new-build loft development in urban Phoenix.  Only four units were built with the project being much of an experiment to test the marketability of modern, minimalist architecture in this setting.  Until the early 2000's, downtown Phoenix was much of a commuter city with not many urban housing options or services to support residents.  We purchased our 2200 s.f. loft nearly three years ago after 12 years of suburban neighborhood living and we love it more and more with each passing day.  Our neighbors are great and we function much like an extended family, watching each other's pets and having frequent loft parties and dinners together" 

I asked Amy some questions and here you've got her very interesting answers:
1. How do you describe your house style?
The architecture of our loft is distinctly modern but our furnishings are more eclectic; a mix of family heirlooms, new purchases and artifacts collected during our travels.  If we like something, we find a way to incorporate it into our home.  No worries about keeping to a specific style!
2. You like your home for...
I like our home for it's fantastic downtown location and the minimal maintenance required.  We can lock our doors and go away on holiday without having to worry about a thing.  Everything in our home also comes with a story--found in a flea market in a distant country, handmade by a family member, received as a gift, etc.  Our home is also a frequent gathering place for our daughter and her friends.  I love having the energy of many visitors in our home. 
3. Have you got your favourite designer or just love things of their beauty?
Many of the furnishings in our home are made by Stickley.  Both my husband and I grew up in upstate New York where Stickley is made.  The mission oak pieces we have collected remind us of childhood and inspire nostalgic feelings for our roots.  
4. Whose house do you love or admire?
I love your house Asia!!!
5. Your most favourite colour...
My favorite color is green.  There is something so organic and visceral about the color that it always makes me simile.  Lately, I'm loving clashing color combinations such as pink and orange; turquoise and kelly green or violet and magenta.
6. What's your dreamy place to live and create?
If I could choose any home to live in, I imagine it to be very old, constructed of stone and covered in tendrils of thick ivy.  The home would be of modest size with a huge fireplace in the kitchen, an attic of interesting artifacts left behind by previous tenants and it would have space for a conservatory filled with exotic plants and herbs.  The home would have an interesting history and would be located in a quiet hamlet within walking distance of a market town (Scottland, Mexico, Italy, France--it doesn't matter where).  Add a library, ghost and a wine cellar and I'm moving immediately!
7. What a wonderful evening means for you...
A wonderful evening is enjoying a slow-paced, home cooked meal with my family; a good bottle of red wine, lively conversation and perhaps a fire and soft music to compliment the mood. 
8. Your most inspiring book... 
I love books!  It is too hard to pick a favorite.  I love any non-fiction book about art, history, archeology or design. For fiction, I'm entranced by a good mystery, a historical saga or a meaty character.  Recently finished books still on my night table: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson; Modeling The Figure In Clay by Bruno Lucchesi; 1001 Most Important Words (author unknown) and Dracula by Bram Stoker.
9. Your most favourite movie...
Movies I love:  Father Goose; L'auberge Espagnole; Death at a Funeral (British version); Paris j'taime; An Education; Amelie; The Pianist; The Red Violin
10. When you do not work...
I love to travel, read and play the piano.  Both my husband and daughter love photography.  We love to visit new places, learn about new cultures and make new friends.

Amy thank you so much for showing us your wonderful loft (and for your lovely letters)
All pictures I showed you were made by Amy & Mathew Beals.