I have said before what a chic home is to me.  A home with a classic architecture furnished with modern art and a mixture of classic and modern furniture.  A chic space for me is a space where things juxtapose with tension and friction,  where according to conventional thought, things are not supposed to work but they do.  This home designed by David Kleinberg is a perfect reference to it.  Enjoy!
The design in this hallway explains more than anything of my whole idea of a “chic home.”  Classic architecture is juxtaposed with modern art such as the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting (right) and the unexpected texture of the stainless steel bench.   This is perfection to me.
Love the use of bright color balanced with neutral here.  I also love the fun touch of the Tibetan goat pouf and the abundance of curvy lines. 
I'm not a big fan of the color mahogany but it has never seemed so regal as in this room. 
De Gournay wallpaper in the wife's office.
This kitchen looks like heaven!
Perfect bathtub to relax at the end of the day.
All images from Architectural Digest.