Of all the black kitchens I'm posting today this one, above is probably my favorite.  It has a sort of personality that makes it very unique and real.  If not for those reasons, then for the up-to ceiling upper cabinets with all-good benefits.  I also love the touches of global-chic accessories on the counter top.  The thought of a black kitchen would give anyone a disbelieving smirk face along with a swiveling shaking head but as you see it is very elegant.  Most people are much more used to seeing bright white kitchens than anything else and the first thought that comes to their minds when considering black cabinets is a dark dysfunctional kitchen.  It's all in the natural incoming light, use of material and contrast.  Keeping most of the kitchen surface -walls, counter tops, ceilings and floors- in light colors would make for the right balance and contrast in the room.   The finish on those outer layers also make a big difference; mirror and glass when used as doors, back splash or even walls bring in a lot of light into the space.  Of course last but not least, there is also the option of installing artificial lighting that can go any where.  Enjoy! 
Lindsey and Kristen Buckingham house
Miles Redd added mirror to everything but floor and walls here.  But the high lacquered walls provide an almost mirror effect.  The floor is pretty beautiful.
Love the shiny white cabinets and the white grout on the floors in this kitchen by Tommy Smythe
Kelly Wearstler kept it all black, form back splash to floor and ceiling but, smartly she added mirror to the back of the inside upper cabinets which doors are made of glass so as a result there is still light reflection and brightness.
The ambiance in this kitchen is very romantic I think. 
This kitchen photographed by John Granen makes of the range a focal point.  The white trim on the black cabinets makes it a really nice detail.