The Park Hyatt Hotel in Buenos Aires all deck out for Christmas.  A Buenos Aires review.
As I told you last week, if you haven't been to Buenos Aires you haven't seen Europe in South America.  My first time in Buenos Aires was in December, 2012 where we spent our Christmas Holidays, I absolutely and instantly fell in love with the city.  It has everything a savvy travel looks for when traveling.  Stunning Architecture, wide boulevards and avenues, small and charming if not breath taking little neighborhoods inside the very walkable city, where all streets are pretty much connected.  We would walk for hours without needing a taxi except for the times we would opt for  safety and decided to grab a cab.  Think of a walkable New York city.  We stayed at a boutique Hotel called Casa Sur precisely a block away from the famous and exclusive Avenida Alvear.  Casa Sur is a small boutique hotel with excellent service and rooms so comfortable and cozy that totally eliminate the chances of you missing home.  The room walls are upholstered in gray linen fabric displaying black and white photographs and mahogany lacquered furniture.  It gives you the feel of a sumptuous art-deco era.  On our first day we walked on Avenida Alvear where chic shops are embedded in breath taking Neo Classical mansions.  One thing that caught my eyes was how each building would display the name of the Architect responsible for its creation.  The feeling of being in Europe instead of Latin America is blatant.  Look below by yourself at just a few of the amazing architecture you can find at Buenos Aires.
A building in the Botanical Garden.
Avenida Alvear
When people think of Buenos Aires, Argentina the first thought that comes to their minds is Tango.  And it should!  Not until I saw my first Tango show did I realized everybody should see one in their lifetime.  I'm not kidding!  We decided to go to one of the best tango shows in town.  It was our first impression and we did not want to ruin it.  Not that I know if this is possible with such a climactic show dance.  And so we went to Tango Rojo at the Hotel Faena located in Puerto Madeiro, one of the newest and chices neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.  The show offers the option of pre-fixed menu which is very good and tasty.  The show is electrifying! 
Casa del Congreso
La Recoleta neighborhood

At the chic and artistic neighborhood of Palermo is easy to find a lot of restaurants mingling with small local designers boutiques.  I loved sitting at one of the outdoor restaurants on one of the many cobblestone streets.  The center of Palermo fashionable neighborhood is summed up to a number of streets from Armenia to Thames and from Honduras to Paraguay.  Don't you worry these are just street names.   
But there is one restaurant that I particularly love in La Recoleta neighborhood.  Fervor located at the corner of Posadas and Callao where we try to go every time we are in Buenos Aires.  My mouth still waters when I remember the tenderness and juicy of the grilled seafood platter we paired with a local Sauvignon Blanc. 
Even the flowers sold on the streets are just beautiful.
Inside La Catedral.  That is our little one.  cushi cushi
La Recoleta Cemetery
I want a door like this, I want a door like this!
Me, myself and I and I want a building like this too.
Beautiful window display in La Recoleta neighborhood.